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Dedicated to America's Coasts and Coastal Plains

The Coastal Trust, Inc. (TCT) is a 501(c)(3) (pending) dedicated to the restoration and protection of America’s coasts and coastal plains, development of infrastructure, and addressing quality of life issues in coastal communities. TCT offers equitable and affordable access to conservation services and management, technical, and financial assistance for governments and non-profits, with focus on areas of poverty, pollution, and flood vulnerability. 


An Interdisciplinary Not-for-profit Provider of  Assistance for Coastal Communities

Coastal Conservation 

Program Management

Water Infrastructure

Public Policy

Fisheries Management

Economic Development


TCT helps coastal cities face the challenges of the 21st Century and improve quality of life.

Contact The Coastal Trust

6330 Buffalo Speedway Houston, Texas 77005 - (225) 505-5905

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